2018 Themes inspired by Tzu Hang

The InFinnity Project 2018  themes, inspired by Finn’s depiction of Tzu Hang, (the yacht sailed around the world by the intrepid seafarers Miles and Beryl Smeeton) are: 

  • Oceans, 
  • Horizons,
  • Courage

Three entries per artist so one of each or any combination.  Please submit your entry by 31 October 2018.

We were delighted to have David O’Flynn, Chairman of the Adamson Trust and Val Huet, CEO of the British Association of Art Therapists with Bernice Williams and Trina Whittaker from Rethink Mental Illness at the launch of the 2018 themes at Goodenough College.  Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to  Major-General Andrew Ritchie, CBE who welcomed us to the College.

We look forward to more entries from more participants this year and your help in spreading the word is most appreciated.

Miles Smeeton, owner of Tzu Hang famously said:

“Life would be miserably dull if one listened to every foreboding or took heed of every warning” 

The 46 foot Bermudan ketch called Tzu Hang  travelled over 130,000 miles – the equivalent of five circumnavigations of the globe – and on two separate occasions was dismasted and pitchpoled (flipped stern over bow) in rough seas to the west of Cape Horn.  

Read more about the Smeetons in High Endeavours by Miles Clark