The 2018 submissions are inspired by Tzu Hang 

The submissions are online under 2018 Work

Thank you to all who have taken part in this year’s InFinnity Project.  The submissions chosen for Cards to be sold in aid of Rethink Mental Illness will be announced in October.

The InFinnity Project celebrates the life of Finn Clark, a talented professional illustrator who took his own life in late 2015, aged 25. He had been diagnosed some two years before this with a form of psychosis and depression.

The InFinnity Project was launched during Mental Health Awareness Week  in May 2017.   The project  works on an annual cycle and seeks to both promote visual art as a therapy for mental illness and to raise funds for Rethink Mental Illness  and the British Association of Art Therapists .  This is one of the foremost mental health charities, which has a number of local volunteer art  groups for people suffering mental health problems .

The themes for 2018 are Oceans, Horizons and Courage inspired by Finn’s rendering of Tzu Hang in the Southern Atlantic.  See here

Work is now being received and the closing date for submissions is 31st August 2018 – please read more about the terms and conditions.

The inaugural launch event in 2017 can be seen here: See the video of the launch

See the 2017 work selected for printing  

Get your InFinnity Project Cards here 

The project also has the support of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and of the Adamson Collection, the largest UK collection of art produced by mental health service users, housed at the Wellcome Library.

The page header illustration is by Finn Clark, and serendipitously entitled “Legacy”

Read about How TheInFinnityProject works and how to Submit your work

See/share a video of Finn made by his friends at Fairlight Studios

“To contemplate the art which others have made out of their sensitivity to beauty and mystery can be a powerful bridge back to stability. All good art is like a hand held out by a stranger, showing that you are never quite alone” – Libby Purves, speaking of The InFinnity Project