Ellie J. Shakerley Poetry Competition in collaboration with the InFinnity Project

  The winning Poem written by Sister Chain & Brother John

  Angel of Suburbia 1983 inspired by Finn’s artwork












You might not think of ‘swagger’ when you think of angels but of  grace and holy stuff:

  unearthly eery things but that Angel who came to my terrace that   night

  as big and as golden as Shwedagon temple and made my parents shut   up

 and blew up the school and took me to see the stars 

and made stars ask for my autograph

and when I showed him my scars said “what scars?” and

shrugged for me the smooth skin

of a teenage seal

and before he left

placed his giant palms on my shoulders – two big yellow California                                                                                   suns and said that what was

definitely WILL NOT 

ever shall be

That angel – he had swagger 

and I’ve been flying on it


ever since.