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Please read the terms and conditions below before submitting your work:

The steps for submission by 31 August  are as follows:

  1. Please read the terms and conditions of submission as set out below.  By submitting your entry you accept that you have read and understood them.  In particular you accept that they can be published to sites like Facebook without your further permission
  2. Please then fill out this form.  Some information is optional, but you may feel it helps to put your work into context.  We can’t accept work unless this form is filled in.
  3. Submit the form and then …
  4. Attach a  file with  your work to an email to  The file  must be 2MB maximum in size and  in JPG, JPEG or PNG format please
  5. The work should be by an adult affected by a mental health issue whether diagnosed or not.
  6. 2 dimensional work only please.  No original photography.
  7. That’s it!  

Submissions will be reviewed prior to being made publicly available, and this process may take a few days so please be patient!  This is a visual arts project so please note the restrictions on the kind of work that can be submitted, as set out below

Terms and Conditions for Submissions

Type and size of submission:

Themes:  Work submitted must address one of the three themes announced for the year

Number of submissions:  You my submit a maximum of one work on each of the themes or three pieces on one theme.  A maximum of three works per person.

Type of work:  Any type of 2 dimensional visual art can be submitted, or art of which a static image can be made, but it must be in digital form.  A collage is welcome, as well as drawings, paintings and direct digital images.   We cannot accept any physical pieces.  

File types accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG

Maximum file size:  2MB

The following types of art are NOT part of the project: Original photography, videos, music, writing, sculpture or 3d pieces.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources to be able to manage the judging of these works.

These are the terms on which work you submit your work:

Personal circumstances: The InFinnityProject is aimed at adults (18+) who are not professional artists and are suffering from some form of mental health problem, whether diagnosed or not.  In submitting work, you confirm that these conditions apply to you.

Use of work:  The InFinnityProject is a voluntary undertaking designed both to raise funds for the Rethink Mental Illness charity (the “Charity”) and to promote the use of art as a therapy for mental health problems.  In submitting your work, you agree that it may be published, without your further consent, on websites and in social media, although with the option of anonymity which you can exercise by indicating this when you submit.  Subject to your prior permission in due course, but without any payment to you, your work may also be used as artwork for merchandise to be sold to raise funds for the Charity, for example cards, calendars, colouring books.

Data protection:  Only the following items of information are required and will be published.  

  • Your name (unless you ask for it not to be published)
  • The title of your work
  • The theme your work relates to
  • The type of work / medium

The following information is optional but will obviously help to give context to your work.  If you complete the box this information will be shown:

  • Your reasons for submitting work (optional)
  • How art helps you (optional)

We may use generalised and anonymised  information submitted to the project as background to articles written about the project, for example.  No individual or personal information would be included in such work.

If you later change your mind about something being public, please email us.  Our general privacy policy is here

Acceptance of Submissions:  Submissions will be reviewed by TheInFinnityProject team and may be rejected if found to be unsuitable for a charitable initiative of this nature.  Either acceptance or rejection will be notified to you but we cannot enter into any correspondence on these decisions.

Please now fill out the submission form

Email us if you would like to be kept up dated.