How It Works

The InFinnity Project went live on May 12th  2017, as part of Mental Health Awareness week in the UK.  

Submissions responding to the three 2017 themes may be made in any made visual art form, and can be sent in via the “Submit Your Work” page.  Please see the terms and conditions for submission set out there.  You can take photos of things like ceramics or collages but please note that we can’t accept music, writing or any other non-visual art form, nor original photography or videos.

The closing date for Submissions will be  September 30th 2017.

Following this, a number of works will be selected by an assessment panel of professional and amateur artists, in categories to be decided depending on the nature of submissions received, but at least one work will be chosen on each theme.  The works chosen will be announced on World Mental Health Day, October 10th 2017.

With agreement from the makers of the chosen works, these will then be used to create various items of merchandise to be sold to raise funds for Rethink Mental Illness, including items for the Christmas market.

An exhibition of works submitted will be mounted in February 2018, when the themes for the InFinnityProject 2018  are announced, beginning the new cycle in the project.

When people experiencing deep emotional distress cannot communicate feelings verbally, art-making can provide a path back to the self and to others.  Within the context of art therapy, art can help develop a better understanding of emotions and address their impact on life and relationships.”   – Dr Val Huet, CEO of the British Association of Art Therapists