2024 Work

Inspired by this work the themes for 2024 are:             

Eagle in flight by Finn Clark
Eagle in flight by Finn Clark

                               * Focus

                               * Strength

                               * Wings

 We invite you to select a theme that inspires you!  One entry per theme or three entries on one theme – please check the terms and conditions and mark your diary – the closing date is 31st August.

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A submission under the WINGS theme:

Angel by Amy Chesterman

  Title:  Angel

  Medium:  Acrylics on canvas board, rose gold mica added to           wings with acrylic gloss topcoat

  Size: A3

  Theme:  Wings




Amy (37) from the Braintree Rethink Art Group says:  Art has helped me – having a creative outlet for feelings and emotions that are difficult to express. I’ve since found out childhood trauma can effect how you cope later on in life when you need to cope as an adult, I never got out of survival mode when learning emotional regulation in my early years and struggle with emotion disregulation now. 


A submission under the theme FOCUS

The Colours of Madness by Minna

  Title: The Colours of Madness

  Medium:  Acrylic on canvas

  Size:  30cm x 40cm





This is a first contribution from Minna (29) from London.  Minna says:  I painted this to represent my thoughts and feelings whilst I was going through a dark patch of depression and had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I remember feeling lost, alone, scared and hopeless, like I was on a different planet to everyone and everything else. I felt like I was watching the world going by from afar – a world that was unfamiliar and foreign to me, with people I did not recognise and places I had never been to before. I could see the different colours and nebulous shapes of life and objects, all moving around and being sucked into a black hole of hopelessness. I remember feeling like I was standing on the edge of an obscure planet, unsure of where I was, what I was seeing and what I was supposed to do.

Going through a mental health crisis can feel overwhelming, terrifying, confusing, strange, lonely and deserting, which this painting tries to depict. Art provides a channel to allow one to escape these dark thougths and a conduit to communicate with the outside world in a powerful and unique way.


Another submission under the theme STRENGTH

Hidden Strength by Raven

  Title: Hidden Strength

  Medium:  Watercolour brush pens on watercolour paper

  Size:  A4





As a regular contributor since the Project’s inception here Raven says: Sometimes our past is our hidden strength that is invisible on the surface that’s why it is so important to share it, so people can see how far you’ve come on this journey of life.  We grow through what we go through sums it up simply.


A submission under the theme WINGS

Angel of Hope by Kaz Raven
Angel of Hope by Kaz Raven

  Title:  Angel of Hope

  Medium:  Gouache,bronze acrylic paint on watercolour paper

  Size: A4





Kaz says: this the angel of hope, she’s a symbol of all the good we see others do in the world even though at times, they are the ones that need the help themselves. 


The first submission under the theme STRENGTH is from Jennifer Masterman.  

Helping Hands by Jennifer Masterman
Helping Hands by Jennifer Masterman

  Title:  Helping Hands

  Medium:  Coloured pencils on paper

  Size:  110cm across and 38cm down

Jennifer (38)  from Dudley says: Art helps me to remain calm and work through my feeling and problems.  This work is currently exhibited on the wall in hospital I went to recently at Russell’s Hall Dudley. 


Our first submission under the theme FOCUS is from Kaz Raven who has supported the InFinnity Project since inception.

Calmascope by Kaz Raven
Calmascope by Kaz Raven

  Title:  Calmascope

  Medium:  A4 watercolour paper and watercolour brushpens

  Theme:  Focus

  Kaz comments that she has submitted this under the focus theme as      art doodling and colouring is our way to bring our self to a place of       calm and focus