2017 Cards

After deliberation among our five judges, 7 images have been selected that will now be used in the fundraising part of the project.  The images will be printed as cards and sold in aid of Rethink Mental Illness  and the  British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).   The judges were impressed by the overall quality of the entries, and our thanks go to everyone who submitted work, and to those selected for allowing their work to be used for fundraising purposes.  You can see the judges’ comments below.

The cards are available to order please visit www.clarkcards.co.uk

Bridges Theme  – Sunrise on Blossom Bridge by Mark Whittaker

 Mark says “An instant creative experience which grows from the first stroke of the brush and it can change throughout the painting until the end”




Bridges Theme – From Farringdon by Joe Breslin

 Joe is part of a group that meets at Union Chapel called TenFeetAway  – Joe says: “As I walked done Farringdon Road the view made me consider the juxtaposition of Christopher Wren’s and Renzo Piano’s  work allowing a comparison between 17th and 21st century architecture.   Also I just wanted to get in from the rain.”


Reflections Theme – Solace by Lorna Clark

‘Solace’ is inspired by my local harbour, where I would go to photograph the sunsets with my dad when I was younger. I enjoy spending time in nature, especially accompanied by my dog Mabel, who has played an important part in my recovery. I wanted to capture the serenity and the beauty of the natural landscape, helping to recreate the warm peaceful feelings I associate with it. I think spending time in nature can be powerful healing tool, as it allows me to escape from thoughts and clear my head, while reminding me of the beauty of life.


Reflections Theme – Waterway Reflections by Marcus La Roche

 Marcus says: “Art helps me relax and distracts me from my illness and provides a sense of achievement.”






Reflections Theme: Spring Sprigs by Madeleine Pickett

Madeleine says  “Art helps me with my illness, when I’m well it’s what I do, when I’m under the weather, it’s what I think about!”






Shadows Theme – Beautiful Purge by Kaz Indigo Raven

“I was in a very dark place when I did this picture, was struggling with shadows from my past. I had a 4 year period where I was unable to be creative and art is my only tool to deal with my issues. Beautiful Purge is wanting to be creative and being held back by shadows turning my world grey.”




Shadows Theme – Walking Together in Light and Shadow by Sue Holtum

“When I did the work I was thinking about my dear old greyhound dog, Snowy, who is 15 and in the evening of her life. She has been a wonderful companion and a light in my life. We have walked together in light and shadow. Dogs help me to enjoy the simple things in life.”


What the Judges said about The InFinnity Project:

Dr David O’Flynn – Chairman, Adamson Collection Trust

“For so many people, making art and creativity propel their psychological recovery. This first year’s InFinnity submissions reflect that each work has its own story, its own private Intention. We ‘judges’ chose, we didn’t judge. I selected with my own eye – and an eye on works that might best drive the fund-raising for Rethink. Big up for all your artists who put your work on there. Paint on.”
Val Huet, Chief Executive Officer British Association of Art Therapists
The InFinnity Project embodies so much that is positive about mental health and creativity.  It was a pleasure to view all the submissions from artists who showed such a wealth of talent and imagination. The role of art in enabling a healing emotional process is central to art therapy.  Art is also a source of positive experience and wellbeing, as the artists who submitted work amply show. I hope the InFinnity Project will inspire many to take up a paint brush for the sheer joy of it.

Simeron Kaler – Multi Disciplinary Artist and Designer

Art as a form of self expression is crucial, I love that the InFinnity Project provides a platform for this. The entries were created in a variety of media and by a wide range of different people. It shows that mental health struggles can happen to anyone, and highlights the importance of projects like these.

Jamie Clark, Art Teacher and Stained Glass Artist

It has been a real privilege to be a judge on this panel and spend time contemplating these subtle and profound images. One thing all the entries share in common is a sense of depth and intent.

The main quality that I looked for in the work was the ability of images to communicate a particular emotion in a way that can’t be expressed through language. I believe that communication through visual imagery provides an essential channel by which people can connect with the environment and the people around them. Congratulations to all those who took part.

Bernice Williams, Fund Raising Officer for Rethink Mental Illness 

This year during Mental Health Awareness Week The InFinnity Project was launched to continue the legacy of a brilliant artist Finn Clark. We were touched that Finn’s family wanted to support Rethink Mental Illness with this project, helping those affected by mental illness use creative ways to manage their mental health, and raise funds for us to continue our vital work too.

Since the launch of the project people affected by mental illness have engaged with the initiative including those attending Rethink Mental Illness’ groups. A variety of pieces have been submitted over the months and it’s brilliant to see people of all abilities use art.

Managing your mental health can be difficult when you are unaware of possible coping strategies, so it is great that The InFinnity Project is prompting creative therapy and giving people an outlet too. Rethink Mental Illness runs art groups and offers support to everyone affected by mental illness who need our help.

If you would like support please visit www.rethink.org, download the Rethink Mental Illness factsheets, or call our Advice and Information Line on 0300 5000 927.

Please visit www.clarkcards.co.uk to place an order and help support Rethink and BAAT with their work.  Thanks